The mission of Shadowed Fates is to be the best.

But not in the tunnel visioned MMORPG über guild sense of just being able to kill the biggest baddest mobs the fastest, with no consideration given to other admirable guild traits.  SF and it's members strive to be the best in every way.  We are a guild whose members get along the best and have the most fun.  We are a guild that treats its members as fairly as possible, and through strong leadership avoids internal dissension.  We always aim to be the most highly skilled players - the best amongst our classes.  We believe that by being the most organized, disciplined, and talented, by working together as a well oiled machine, and by always helping each other and doing what is best for the guild, we can continue to be a guild that both has a great deal of fun, and is highly successful.

However, while accomplishing all of this, it is also our hope to be able to assist others along the way.  We do not wish to become another large uncaring guild, but would rather be remembered as one of the nicest and most helpful guilds that others have come across.  We seek to achieve the status of a guild that is respected, not just for its accomplishments, but also for its character.  We will always behave professionally, and when we have a chance to do so, we will lend a hand to our fellow players.

Years ago, when SF first started out, our goal was to remain a small guild.  We felt that the only way to avoid the petty day to day bickering of a large guild was to remain small.  The thought was that we could choose to be a small, happy, family like guild, or we could be a powerhouse guild.  We eventually learned that those two goals are not mutually exclusive.  We found that by starting small, building a solid foundation, and being selective in our membership selection, we could reach great heights with fewer members - that we could accomplish the feats of a powerhouse guild without growing too large and without losing our friendly small guild atmosphere.

Our focus for World of Warcraft is to continue that tradition of being the best.

Diamynd and Yeti want you all to know that Shadowed Fates, and its many wonderful members, has already far exceeded our initial expectation, and will undoubtedly continue to surprise us.  In the end we do not know what our future holds, as we all know that our fates are.... shadowed.