Yogg-Saron - DEAD!  May 27th, 2009
Yogg was a pretty fun fight, but we're glad to have it down now so we can move on.  Time to work on hard modes!
Ulduar - Week 2  Apr 27th, 2009
We killed everything we killed last week again, plus some new additions:
Ignis the Furnace Master - DEAD
Thorim - DEAD
Freya - DEAD
Mimiron - DEAD

Ulduar - Day 5  Apr 20th, 2009
Hodir - DEAD
Ulduar - Day 4  Apr 19th, 2009
After a couple days off, we're back at it!
Kologarn - DEAD
Auriaya - DEAD
Ulduar - Day 3  Apr 16th, 2009
XT-002 Deconstructor - DEAD
Iron Council - DEAD
Ulduar - Day 2  Apr 15th, 2009
Despite the zone being down for half the night... Razorscale - DEAD
Ulduar - Day 1  Apr 14th, 2009
Flame Leviathan - DEAD
Sartharion With Three Drakes - DEAD!  Jan 8th, 2009
We knew we had been on the right track for a while, but the lag was making it really hard to execute.  Finally on Thursday we zoned in and took a non-consumables test run on him to see... and the lag was barely there!  That was good enough.  We cranked things up and a couple runs later dropped Sartharion with all three drakes up!  Congrats to everyone on sticking with it and kicking his butt.  Also a big congrats to our first Twilight Drake winner - Drainclog!

Super Slacker Update (Mooroo and KJ dead and Legendary Bow)  Nov 17th, 2008
Ulimate no images, I need to get back to Northrend, slacker update.
Mooroo died on 10/17, KJ on 10/22 (would have been earlier if the servers were stable).
Legendary bow on 11/5!  Huge congrats to Aspenarious!
Twins Basil, Twins!  Sept 15th, 2008
Shadowed Fates dropped the Eredar Twins on our fourth day of working on them.   Damn fine work everyone!   And then to prove that it wasn't just a fluke, we one shotted them two days later for our second kill in three days.   Bring on M'uru!

Felmyst - DEAD!  Aug 21st, 2008
Oops, I suck.  I was supposed to post this over a week ago.  Well, late and short is better than nothing.  Now we're off to the Eredar Twins!

Brutallus - KILLED - Before Enrage!  July 7th, 2008
Brutallus is the gear check from hell...  and we've passed that test!  Awesome work everyone.  It was really great to see our first kill be so solid that we downed him pre-Enrage.  Now it's off to ... no, now it's stay in the same place, and learn Felmyst time.  Moo!

Kalecgos - DEFEATED (Freed?)!  May 19th, 2008
That was a really fun fight and a cool encounter concept.  But we've now killed Sathrovarr, freed Kalecgos, and opened the way to start working on Brutallis.  A huge congrats to everyone on a job well done!

Black Temple - CLEARED!  April 15th, 2008
Illidan - Dead!
Black Temple - Cleared!
Legendary Warglaive - Looted!

Amazing work by everyone to get this final boss in BT down after just three full nights of working on him! (plus a couple hours we slipped in after clearing the rest of BT one night.)  Time to solidify our farm runs and start playing in Sunwell!

Illidari Council - DEAD!  March 30th, 2008
For the third time in as many bosses, Shadowed Fates has succeeded in killing a brand new boss on our first night of working on it!  Amazing work everyone!  Let's keep this momentum going right through Illidan and into Sunwell!  With the Illidari Council added to our list of accomplishments, we'll now start seeing members with four piece T6 bonuses!  Moo!

Mother Shahraz - DEAD!  March 24th, 2008
Bloody SR gear...  After a very late raid start due to last minute rummaging and crafting to finish up our SR sets, we once again downed a new boss in our first night of working on it.  Yes, Mother Shahraz is dead, and the loot will flow!

Reliquary of Souls - DEAD!  March 23rd, 2008
Must ... not ... kick ... Deaden!  RoS downed on our first night working on him.  Awesome job everyone!

Archimonde Downed!  March 20th, 2008
Archimonde was a tough nut to crack, but we've got him figured out now!  We downed him with no cheese (middle of the field - no log or cliff trickery), and on hard mode (just two Shamans tonight), so it's safe to move him straight to the farm status column!  Awesome work everyone.  Tonight was a real blast!  Next up: Reliquary of Souls!

Gurtogg Bloodboil Got Served!  February 18th, 2008
Gurtogg's fight dynamics require a lot of movement, making for an active and fun fight, and providing cheesy South Park dancing references for news updates.  We poked our head in to check out the Reliquary of Souls, but all that gave us was a visual (hmm, three headed Janus with a bad attitude) and a realization that we should learn a bit about the encounter before stopping by again.  Nice work on Gurtogg everyone!  We'll be back to see him again in a couple days.

Ho Ho Ho, Dead stuff for Christmas!  December 6 - 19, 2007
Sorry for the belated update guys! My computer was packed up and in transit for the holidays and then the guild had to go and kill a whole mess of stuff while I couldn't update! For shame! We started the last two weeks before Christmas with a bang and one-shotted Teron Gorefiend, and then followed it up the next time by cruising through Kaz'Rogal and Azgalor, which were also both one shots (Well, I think Kaz'rogal may have been an "Azulor One Shot" but those count too!) Archimonde got a reprieve for the holidays, but expect to see big ugly decorating our front page soon!

Triple Play  November 13th - 19th, 2007
It's been so busy, I've had trouble updating the front page as fast as we can kill them! To nobody's great surprise, we added Anetheron, Naj'entus, and Supremus to the kill collection this week, and if it hadn't been late on a Monday the Shade would've gone down as well, so far Black Temple and Hyjal are absolutely awesome to play around in and nearly everyone is fully attuned at this point. Should be an interesting December!

Iced Lich  November 8th, 2007
Not a whole lot to say about it...We'd heard he was easy, but Rage Winterchill is the only boss I can recall that we literally one-shotted since the pre-buff Shazzrah. Thanks for the free BT attune, Blizzard! On the plus side, despite the ease of the boss, the format of Hyjal Summit is an absolute blast and we had a ton of fun with the trash waves! Watch for more rapid progress as we sink our teeth more firmly into Tier 6 content!

Oh he tasted true power alright..  November 6th, 2007
We're definitely firing on all cyclinders now! Only a few weeks after killing Vashj, and only 4 days or so of solid attempts, Kael'Thas Sunstrider went down for the count, and 25 of our lot were attuned for Mount Hyjal just like that. Illidan and Archimonde had better start writing their wills. Illidan might not think we're "prepared" yet, but we're damn close! Catch ya again next time!