To Be Continued... May 25th, 2005
We're not done with you yet Ragnaros!

We've also killed eleven more Molten Core Bosses and Onyxia two more times.
Lots More Dead May 15th, 2005
One big catch-up news update, coming right up.  We've accomplished a lot in the last week, killing 14 MC bosses and Onyxia twice, and collecting 48 more epic items.  That would be way too many kill photos and loot pics, so instead I bring you these three funny screenshots.  Thanks to Knuk and Xythes for their submissions!

I present to you the SF No Pants Dance Troupe, Keb creating a Sea of Whelps in Onyxia's Lair, not realizing that Xythes hadn't ported out yet, and fun with a shrink ray: "I shall call it... Mini-Onyxia!"

Ragnaros! May 4th, 2005
Majordomo up:

Majordomo down:

Ragnaros up:

Ragnaros down... to 71%:

We took a couple shots at Ragnaros to get a bit of experience under our belt, and then retired to our guild forums to discuss what we had learned and devise a strategy.  Next time we'll be much better prepared, and Ragnaros better be ready for one heck of a fight!

Drajain - Wild Growth Spaulders
Kensuke - Core Hound Tooth
Onxyia Reaches a Six-Pack May 3rd, 2005
This was by far our smoothest Onyxia kill ever.  We had only a couple deaths, and we dropped her very very quickly.  Great job everyone!

Ceny - Stormrage Cover
Mourtimer - Sapphiron Drape
Ryanosky - Head of Onyxia
Wyvn - Nemesis Skullcap
MC: All Eight Regular Bosses: Dead April 29th - May 1st 2005
We spent three days in Molten Core, killed all eight of the regular bosses (checking Sulfuron and Golemagg off our guild to-do list), and added nineteen more epics to the guild arsenal.

Alaeri - Ghostalker's Legs, Arieles - Arcanist Boots
Cleras - Shadowstrike, Draylen - Quick Strike Ring
Flick - Lawbringer Gauntlets, Gami - Cenarion Spaulders
Gami - Cenarion Vestments, Haruspex - Staff of Dominance
Kensuke - Nightslayer Pants, Loxis - Arcanist Robes
Lumuden - Pauldrons of Might, Tetraray - Helm of the Lifegiver
Tracy - Crimson Shocker, Tyria - Giantstalker's Boots
Uizu - Nightslayer Boots, Uizu - Gutgore Ripper
Valieger - Drillborer Disk, Wyvn - Felheart Shoulder Pads
Zipzilla - Obsidian Edged Blade
Onxyia Five Drops Four April 28th, 2005
We killed Onyxia again tonight, this time picking up four nice epics and a head.

Ceny - Head of Onyxia
Cleras - Sapphiron Drape
Faynor - Shard of the Scale
Mourtimer - Nemesis Skullcap
Yang - Bloodfang Hood
More Onyxia and MC Kills April 22nd-27th, 2005

Alaeri - Ghostalker's Gloves, Balthizar - Gauntlets of Might
Dimuyen - Nemesis Skullcap, Drajain - Cenarion Belt
Gadanie - Pants of Prophecy, Ghostalker - Earthshaker
Grz - Gloves of Prophecy, Halaster - Head of Onyxia
Keb - Stormrage Cover, Montagne - Legplates of Might
Regolo - Talisman of Ephemeral Power, Rhast - Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Tchaikovsky - Sorcerous Dagger, Terragrin - Arcanist Boots
Terragrin - Onyxia Hide Backpack, Uizu - Eskandar's Collar
Valieger - Heavy Dark Iron Ring, Vonoss - Arcanist Mantle
Yeti - Nightslayer Cover, Zipzilla - Helm of Might
Onyxia and MC Kills April 15th-17th, 2005
We dropped Onyxia for the third time this weekend.  The victory excitement is never as great after the first time, but that fight still rocks!  Unfortunately this time the corpse became bugged.  After we looted all the items it showed neither a loot cursor nor a skinning cursor.  I turned off "Hardware Cursor" so you can see in the screenshot.  Unfortunately petitions netted two useless e-mails (did you know you need to have high enough skinning to skin Onyxia !?  Or how about this e-mail that, besides the form letter sections, included only one line of text: "I hope they fix that soon."), an instantly closed ticket after a cryptic tell about privacy concerns (a GM misstell?), and one real conversation with a GM that got us nothing but an e-mail address we can send our concerns too.  It looks like we've gotten hosed to the tune of two to four Onyxia Scales, which translates to two to four of the Onyxia Scale Cloaks that we'll need down the road.

We also did some more killing in Molten CoreRegolo thinks his new Mantle of Prophecy looks horrible because they come down to his waist... did he happen to notice what his feet look like??

Congrats to those that received our newest epic items!
Dyna - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Jasco - Dragonstalker's Helm
Lumuden - Breastplate of Might
Mourtimer - Choker of Enlightenment
Regolo - Mantle of Prophecy
Rhast - Girdle of Prophecy
Yeti - Head of Onyxia
Onyxia - DEAD (again) April 12th, 2005
Let me repeat - killing Onyxia is the most fun we've had yet in this game, even the second time around.

Onyxia made some nice contributions to our guild equipment:
Halaster - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Lumuden - Head of Onyxia
Manien - Halo of Transcendence
Tyria - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Gehennas & Shazzrah - Take Two April 9th, 2005
We met them again.  We killed them again.  I guess it doesn't pay to be visited by SF.

Congrats to the happy looters (holy Rogue day):
Aquemini - Bloodfang Belt
Kensuke - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Yang - Nightslayer Belt
Lucifron & Magmadar - FLAT April 8th, 2005
We dropped Lucifron and Magmadar again, collecting some nice loot and stopping ACH spawn to make for an easier Saturday raid.

Kudos to everyone on a job well done, and congrats to those that collected goodies:
Alaeri - Striker's Bow
Ceny - Cenarion Gloves
Jasco - Dragonstalker's Belt
Onyxia - DEAD April 6th, 2005
This was by far the most excitement we've experienced in WoW thus far!

The night started out with a wimper as a we trained an Onyxian Warder on ourselves to start our first shot of the evening at Onyxia.  Needless to say, that run didn't work out real well.  We regrouped and put together a couple good runs into the third phase, learning more every time.

And then, it all clicked.  Everyone knew what not to do, what to do, and where to do it.  We put all of our hard earned Onyxia knowledge to work in a final momentous run.  The Wyrm took flight with all of us still standing, and the beginning of phase three saw only a pair of us on the ground.  Everyone positioned well, aggro was maintained, and we dropped Onyxia hard and fast for an almost flawless first kill.  I am so proud of everyone!  You did an awesome job tonight.

Cheers to you all, and here's to making this just the first of many!

Gratuitous Loot Photo:

Congratulations to everyone that received an item tonight, and the rest of you can rest assured that there will be many more goodies to distribute in the near future!
Faynor - Head of Onyxia
Flick - Judgement Crown
Halaster - Legpplates of Might
Kensuke - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Ryanosky - Vis'kag the Bloodletter

The kill was also instrumental in a couple quests, as Valieger was able to get his Treated Ancient Blade to complete the epic blade Quel'Serrar, and Faynor turned in the Head of Onyxia and received the Dragonslayer's Signet.

Finally, drunk with the exhilaration of success, we posed in Stormwind under the freshly hung head of Onyxia herself.
Gehennas and Shazzrah - DEAD April 2nd, 2005
This one was a hard earned victory!  Everyone did a great job of learning with each try, and after three wipes, we turned the tables on Gehennas and dropped him.  Since it was getting late, we'd already lost some folks, and more needed to leave soon, we took just one shot at Garr to get a feel for the encounter (I know I learned something new: being snared while trying to run from exploding guards is NOT fun!).  After that we pushed on to Shazzrah, since there's no reason to leave such an easy boss alive, even when you're down to about thirty people.  As one guild member put it (sorry, I don't remember who), "Shazzrah is just a treasure chest that takes a few minutes to open."

Ierar - Felheart Gloves
Valieger - Bracelets of Wrath
Lucifron and Magmadar - DEAD April 1st, 2005
Now that Magmadar is dead, Molten Core is wide open for us.  Without those pesky hound patrollers harrassing us constantly we'll be able to get to the other bosses with ease.

Congrats to everyone that helped!  Once our strategy was nailed down things went very smoothly and we dropped Magmadar with only a few deaths.  Excellent job everyone - you guys rock!

Fyngol - Cenarion Boots
Rhast - Choker of Enlightenment
Yeti - Nightslayer Pants