Happy New Year!  December 28th, 2006
The holidays are past, New Years is upon us, and SF is still truckin' along! Between the seasons, the looming expansion and the recent patch upheaval, lots of guilds seem to be entering hibernation mode for the moment. Things have definitely slowed down for us to spend time with our families and celebrate the important stuff, but we've still got a few weeks worth of Naxx resets to burn through too!

Everyone has been doing an amazing job of still getting things done and gearing up for the Burning Crusade all the same. Stick around for further updates on our last few weeks of WoW Classic, and our first forays into Outlands this coming month!

Patch work?  December 11th, 2006
Winter time is always hectic - things like finals creep up and holiday travel plans make schedules tighter. Blizzard threw us a new curve this year with the 2.0 patch, which improves many things (Nice easy to get pvp rewards, higher DPS, stacking HoTs), but in the process broke things so badly that they're only just beginning to show signs of working again.

Kudos to everyone for sticking with things! Raiding without mods after two years is trying, but we're still rolling along and will keep doing so, and hopefully all of these changes will indeed be for the better in the long run. For now, we'll just laugh the shaman loot off and look forward to the expansion!

Happy Turkey Day!  November 22nd, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Our guild gathering was another roaring success and great fun was had by all. Now it's time to fire up the turkeys, and warm ourselves in the company of those we love and celebrate. Those of us that aren't in the US, doesn't mean you can't be thankful for the things you've got in your own countries! So eat, drink, be merry. We sure have been!
It's Party Time Again!  November 14th, 2006
Well, it's been an eventful month, with several guild firsts (And a couple more coming VERY soon), and that means one thing... It's time to party! It seems like the last one was just months ago, oh wait - It was! Our past Guild Gatherings have kicked so much ass that we just couldn't wait to do it again!

So don't be worried if we seem quiet for a week - We'll definitely still be killing all of our regular stable of bosses (Bring your laptops folks!) before we start raiding the keg!
It snowed today again!...in Hell!  November 11th, 2006

Nineteen and a half months. That's how long it's been since SF's first boss kill in MC (Back when killing Lucifron was quite the achievement). Take a stroll back through the news archives on the site and you'll see all kinds of guild firsts and defining moments over the course of our two years in WoW. What you won't see, is a Thunderfury. Tonight, Baron Geddon coughed up his set of bindings once and for all, and a mere three weeks after getting the first half, we finally had a member with both.

Needless to say, we stopped MC in it's tracks, took a brief detour into Ironforge... ... And set into Silithus, to summon Thunderaan!

After royally spanking down this Prince of Pansies (Not complaining, but seriously Blizz, did you ever intend him to be a challenge? Died in about 25 seconds) and posing for a quick group shot, Ryousuke recieved:

Thus begins a glorious new period for SF, where Thunderclap is no longer an issue, and bosses no longer pound our tanks into specs of dust (Now they're more like clumps)! Congrats Ryousuke! And congrats to everyone who helped with nearly twenty months of Molten Core killings. Just in time to start the expansion off right!
It snowed today!  October 26th, 2006
Sorry folks, no funny quips or witticisms today - Grobbulus is joke enough for all of us. Besides, we like a challenge! Makes the kill that much more satisfying! Keep your eyes peeled for the next speedbump the SF party train rolls over!
Patchwerk No More Play!?  October 26th, 2006
After a late night one percent wipe on Monday we were pretty sure we had Patchwerk all figured out and that he'd be going down soon. Boy were we right! We got back to him last night for the first time this reset... and one shotted him! What's wrong Patchy? No more play? KT's fifteen foot tall ugly kid was keeping a Severance and some hybrid shoulders in his toybox, which we were happy to confiscate. Great job everyone! And yeah... go ahead and keep picking on me. "Yeti fails at frogger." Haha... :p
Knit the devil some mittens, he's cold  October 21st, 2006
Hell hath frozen over! Well...half of it at least! After a year and a half of MC runs SF has finally gotten our first set of Garr's Bindings of the Windseeker! Now maybe Geddon will be generous in helping us finish our first Thunderfury so that we can bask in the glory of bosses dealing 20% less melee damage to our tanks!
Dead people  October 13th, 2006
Happy Friday the 13th!
The usual...fun stuffs!  October 11th, 2006
Howdy ho friends it's update time in SF land! We've been greatly improving our clear times on our current farm status bosses, getting much faster each week. We started playing with Patchwerk a bit after ignoring his wing for quite a while, and wow what a difference time makes. Our first three attempts at him went 97%, 68%, and 53%, so hopefully he dies quite soon... It's already off to a great start with one-shots on Naxx and AQT, three dragons, and a guild first Lethon kill! Keep on checking back for regular progress reports and we'll keep having fun killing stuff!
We wore size 37 boots.  September 22nd, 2006
SQUISH! That's the sound Maexxna made when we smooshed the big ugly spider tonight. Grats to Veji, Halaster, Yeti, and Kiroska on your pickups! Heigan seems fun (What else is new? Naxx rocks!), and hopefully he'll be dead within a week. Keep an eye out!
Today I saw a blue rabbit kill a spider.  September 21st, 2006
As expected, slightly slower week than normal but we still got almost everything done - all while a sizeable chunk of the guild was out having a blast partying! We spent a long weekend downing copious amounts of alcohol (A keg, many many shots, chest-hair-burning Bloody Marys, etc), played lots of awesome games, and even putting a best foot forward at raiding (Some of us anyway). Can't wait to do it again, and we're already well on our way to an awesome week with most things dead within two days of resets! You guys rock!
Party Time!  September 13th, 2006
Well, Maexxna definitely seems to be one of the easier bosses in Naxx - Got her to 23% within the first few attempts! She'll die soon, and if it's not this week it'll be for one reason alone... Because members will start flying and driving out to Yeti and Diamynd's place as early as Thursday for a Guild Gathering! Can you say PARTY? The weekend may not be very productive, but we sure are going to have fun!
We like dead people  September 11th, 2006
Welcome back friends! We've been having a blast in Nax, as usual, and thanks to Blizzard we get double the loot this week to boot! Summer is finally over and everyone is back to work or school, so things are full steam ahead for us, Maexxna watch out - The day and a half server outage only granted you a temporary stay of execution. Here's a shot of us just having fun after clearing the four bosses we've got on farm status!
You must be this dead to ride  September 5th, 2006
Hello there, Grand Widow Faerlina, welcome to FarmStatusLand! If you'd kindly get in line right here behind Anub'Rekhan, Instructor Razuvious, and Noth the Plaguebringer, we'd be happy to assist you! Today your tour will be given courtesy of Shadowed Fates, please enjoy the trip and deposit all loot with the attendents for safe-keeping. Have a nice trip and we'll see you next week!
Faerlina Fakakt  September 4th, 2006
I told ya we'd have another update soon, and indeed we do - Grand Widow Faerlina stumbled down her little steps (With a push from SF, of course) and dropped all of her loot in the process. Poor Faerlina! After dishing out the good stuff we went in to take a gander at Maexxna before the server maintainence...And holy cow what an awesome room! It'll be fun smushing that bug so stay tuned!
Noth the Dead  September 1st, 2006
"Breathe no more!" It felt nice to shove Noth's own words back at him, and after only a couple days! Great work from everyone involved on this technical but fun fight! This update is short and sweet, but watch for more very soon - within the week!
Maybe Petco can help...  August 23rd, 2006

Hey, Blizzard, I'll sell him to you super cheap!
PS: Diamynd has named him 'Bubbles.'
Schooled  August 19th, 2006
We went and played with Instructor Razuvious again last night and I think we learned our lesson: Meet mob.  Die to mob.  Learn mob.  ???.  Collect Loot.  Awesome job everyone burning the midnight oil - Every attempt showed marked improvement!  It's not an easy thing to get your priests thinking like warriors but ours are now lean, mean, fighting machines!  Grats to Trytiin on his Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph, and Trevick on his Redemption Boots!
In the immortal words of Alice Cooper: School's out forever!
Still Rollin'  August 18th, 2006
I know, I know, it's been a while since a news update...So let's get right to it! Kicking things off, of course Anub'Rekhan has been dying on a weekly basis, and he's finally starting to cough up those sweet Cryptfiend Silk Cloaks for us. Can't forget to mention the green dragons, who've been nice enough to spawn at times of the day when we've got enough on to bag a few of em. Kazzak and Azuregos continue to be pounded on whenever we get a chance (usually at least once a week). Progress in Naxx is picking up steam, and we should start having some more kill shots within the week! Keep an eye out for that.

Good job to everyone for sticking with things when the server crashed repeatedly, lagged us out, and even threw us underneath the world after a restart. You are all the epitome of a tight-knit family that knows how to kick ass and get it done.

And we part with a glimpse into the mysterious and dark world of Officer chat. Mortals beware!