Blizzard posts fansite chat February 7th, 2004
Lots of good info in here.  Check out some excerpts:

[GilS.PR] Can you give any comparisions, or lack of, between the drop system in World of Warcraft and Diablo 2?

[Katricia] Like D2, WoW supports a form of random item generation.
[Katricia] Unique items can be created by the system such as "Sword of Lifestealing" or "Breastplate of Stamina" ...
[Katricia] We take the base item like the sword and the system randomly combines it with a modifier such as lifestealing

[GilS.PR] Can you tell us more details about group spells and/or rituals?

[Katricia] The Warlock has the ritual of summoning. With three people in a group, the Warlock will cast a portal that two others must touch that will summon a distant party member to that location.

Or go here to read the whole transcript.
Trade skills page updated February 5th, 2004
Blizzard released a bit more info on trade skills today:

Fishing: Armed with their best fishing rods, Fishermen explore the world of Azeroth looking for new and interesting places to cast their lines.  In addition to the varied fish population, all manner of aquatic treasure awaits the Fisherman with the skill and patience to reel it in.

Enchanting: Enchanters use their magical formulae to grant both temporary and permanent augmentation to weapons, armor, and other equipment.

They also included a screen shot of an undead character with some funky hair fishing.
Scary beta humor February 4th, 2004
Penny Arcade's latest comic hits a little close to home.

Click here to check it out.
New website launched February 2nd, 2004
Welcome to SF's new web page and home.

Settle in, explore, let me know what bugs and broken links you find.  This will be our base of operations as we set out to become a premier World of Warcraft guild, and have a ton of fun in the process.
New Dwarf & Human character models released January 30th, 2004
Blizzard has updated the Dwarf and Human character models for WoW.  Check them out using SF's new slideshow viewer.  Click any thumbnail to view the full sized image.  The new viewer window that opens will close if you click on it, or if it loses focus.

Beta Test Signup Opens January 28th, 2004
Blizzard announced the opening of the World of Warcraft beta sign up today:

The online signup pages for the World of Warcraft Beta Test are now live! Anytime between now and 6:00 pm PST on Wednesday, February 4th, residents of Canada, Korea, and the US can submit their applications for a chance to help test one of the most anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing games of 2004.

Go here to sign up now.