Insert Witticism    July 6th, 2006
Welcome to farm status, Anub'Rekhan! Lag tried to prevent us from getting a kill in on you but we persist, like frenzied gnats, and always get our target. We've had a blast in Naxx, playing with Patchwerk and Noth, snagging our first random drop epic finally (Stygian Buckler, have fun in WSG Knuk!) and generally just kicking butt and having fun. Congrats to Xero, Chentelle, and Kiroska on their shiny new Naxx drops!

In the tradition of Shadowed Fates news updates of old, and just to show how much fun we're having: A ménage à troi, guild chat jokularity, an example of an SF mistell, and just because it never gets old, a dead frog!

Evade This!    June 30th, 2006
Hey Blizzard, mind fixing the bugs next time? Few things more frustrating than seeing your 10% run wiped back up to 100 due to issues, but SF pulled it together like we always do and broke Naxx wide open by squishing that ugly bug Anub'Rekhan! Great effort by all and tons of fun! All things told, most everyone seems to be enjoying Naxx much more than AQ and we're having a blast! Congratulations to Ularian on getting Desecrated Bracers for his Dreadnaught Bracers, Xilu on her Touch of Frost, and Kiroska on selling his soul to us...I mean on getting his first of forty Splinters of Atiesh! Stay tuned to your favorite Bat channel as we kick more Scourge ass in Naxx - This is only the beginning, Kel'Thuzad, watch your six!
Mobs fall hard, server falls harder!    June 23rd, 2006
We've been having a bunch of fun in Naxxramas! We've gotten a great deal of the trash figured out easily and got a very workable strategy for Anub'Rhekan. Unfortunately for us, Medivh hasn't been playing nicely, and when lag and disconnects started hitting in earnest we played with Razuvious a bit instead. If they fix the hampsters running the server long enough for us to get timing working again, you should see at least an Anub corpse this week. Fun for everyone!
Naxxramas - Here we come!    June 20th, 2006
1.11 comes out today and with it, the zone we've all been waiting for! SF is going to hit things hard and hit the ground running in Naxxramus, it'll be nice to stop looking at friggin bugs and finally see some real upgrades over what we started getting nearly a year ago in BWL! Let the fun begin!
Don't stop the fun, I don't want to get off!    June 14th, 2006
We've been having some amazing dedication, motivation and fun! The train's been steamrolling Nef and his cronies for over 9 months now, and in a single run we finally got lucky and scored guild first drops on both Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting and the Bloodfang Chestpiece (Looks like the Anti-SF loot code has some bugs). We followed that up by making some insane progress on C'Thun, knocking 50% off our previous runs in just one or two attempts. Finally, the conductor rolled us around to Azshara for another Azuregos kill, and then doubled back to Hinterlands, where we got our first real learning attempts at Taerar, and dropped him easily with 29 on our fourth attempt ever. Great job guys!
Fated to Kick Ass    June 8th, 2006
You guys rock! Everyone has been so awesome lately, bursting with new vigor and drive, and it really shows! Azuregos has felt it a few times, Lethon got a good whiff of it (Not dead, but pretty dang close), and we've gone from "50% and messy" to "dead with PERFECTION" in only three Twin Emps attempts (One-shotted with one death, at 7%? Yes please). Progress on C'Thun is moving extremely swiftly, and right now, as usual, it's a great time to hang <Shadowed Fates> over your head, and a bad time to be an epic loot dropping bug (or eyeball)!
Family Ties!    June 1st, 2006
Wow! What a rush! We really put our heads together and teamwork prevailed - the SF family has downed the Twin Emps. What a sweet kill that was! Long nights and many sacrifices by members really made this possible, you guys are the best.

We're going to keep on having fun! C'Thun, watch your back, the SF Party train is rolling your way very soon!

Funē     May 24th, 2006
Dang call list! Diamynd woke us up again, but damn we had fun! A huge thank you to Stkas for camping those pesky dragons! We started our day off with a hefty helping of Azuregos, starting with just 11 members and ending the fight with 15. For lunch - Lord Kazzak, 20 SF dove in and had roast demon completely devoured in under two minutes. Finally, we topped the day off with Onyxia-kabobs and played with the brothers Vek. Great job all around today, and lots of fun!
We're Still Alive - Sorry Dragons!     May 23rd, 2006
Howdy-ho SF fans! It's been a couple weeks since the last update, and we're doing great!
After an extremely hectic period of finals and workloads and all of that fun stuff, we kicked things back into gear and resumed doing what we do best: Gettin' things dead. We got another Azuregos kill just days after the last one, Nef refused to cough up a Bloodfang Chestpiece YET AGAIN (And thanks to Yeti for submitting a GM ticket informing them that their "Anti-SF" code is working perfectly after all this time. They surely are happy to hear that), we can't make a circle for the life of us, but can write things with our bodies perfectly (See picture) and the Twin Emperors have started to really feel the heat again after avoiding the sweat for a little while... We should be reporting some good news on that front very soon, so stay tuned!
Dragons and Finals and Elementals, Oh my!      May 8th, 2006
We took a relaxing week while all our SF scholars worked on finals... And presumably post-final celebrations.
We got in all our usual targets, and even managed to get a surprise Azuregos kill, always a plus!
Next week we hit it hard and have fun the SF way: Killin' stuff!
Huhuran Dead and Other AQT Fun! March 15th, 2006
I'm going to beat a dead horse and take a moment to repeat a common rant: "This game needs more and better NR gear!"  OK, I feel better now, so how about some news?  A couple days ago we downed the new, tougher, and rather annoying Huhuran.  That felt good, and gets us back to playing with the Twin Emps some more.  Overall we seem to be getting better and better at AQT every week.  It's been a month now since we had one of those ugly Fankriss kills that involves killing him, but then wiping to the adds, and this week we had a one shot kill of Sartura without even bothering to break out potions to boost our DPS.  Great work everyone, and let's keep having fun!
Sartura - DEAD February 9th, 2006
I'd die a happy Rogue if I never saw another whirlwinding wench from hell.  After a couple warmup rounds we dropped that nuisance Sartura!  Kudos gang!
Royal Trio - DEAD February 1st, 2006
What a chaotic encounter.  AE fear, AE nature damage, and a little bugger who runs around charging folks...  We played around a bit, and then worked out a strategy to deal with them all.  Everyone executed well, and Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, and Vem are all dead now!  Well done folks!
Fankriss - DEAD, Princess Huhuran - DEAD January 29th, 2006
Two more bosses down!  Fankriss the Unyielding and Princess Huhuran both bit the dust this weekend.  Great fun!  Good work folks!
Ossirian - DEAD! January 26th, 2006
With the slaying of Ossirian, it looks like AQR is now on farm status.  Great work everyone!  We'll be concentrating on AQT for a long time, but we'll continue to kill Ossirian and his lesser minions for some nice faction and those ability upgrade books.  Ahhh how wonderful to have new content again.
The Prophet Skeram - DEAD! January 25th, 2006
With new content to play with comes new guild firsts.  So far we've had a lot of fun with Ahn'Qiraj, killing several bosses in AQR, enjoying the randomness of the Anubisath packs, and now downing The Prophet Skeram  Good work everyone!  I can't wait to see what we do next!
The Scarab Gate Opened, and a World First Collossus of Zora Slaying! January 23rd, 2006
With the world's first opening of The Scarab Gate approaching, the citizens of Medivh continued to work together, as we had done so well during the war effort race.  A group of guilds coordinated to cover the areas of interest in Silithus, and Shadowed Fates set up guard at Hive Zora.  With the gates opened, and the world changed forever, we looked around to see a number of new mobs, including a gigantic Colossus of Zora in the middle of the nearby hive.  An initial assault on him revealed a powerful AE attack that quickly wiped us out with only a small dent to his HPs.  A couple follow up attacks wore him down a bit more, but left us wondering if there was something more to be figured out here.  We headed out and explored the surroundings, hoping that killing nearby lesser named mobs would affect the Colossus's power.  We killed a bunch of mobs, but found nothing too special, and returned to find the Colossus as powerful as ever.  So... time to knuckle down and finish the job!  We set to work, and with some help from folks who wandered by for the opportunity to poke at something new, we worked him down, improving our strategy as we went till we were taking off 10+ percent chunks at a time.  Finally, after much hard work, we scored a world first Colossus of Zora kill!
A Couple Weeks, a Couple Nefarian Corpses December 31st, 2005
We've got a couple more Nefarian kills under our belt now as we wait for Ahn'Qiraj.  Good work everyone!
Nefarian - DEAD! December 8th, 2005
What a great effort by the whole guild!  Killing Nefarian was such a blast and I'm very proud of all of you (you're still a bunch of goofballs and Gnome lovers though).  After a few weeks of hard work and a lot of strat refinement, we had the Draconids down pat and we were able to get past them without a single death.

After a couple "training runs" during which we got the hang of phases two and three, we put it all together, had a nice smooth fight (oooh... action photo!)

and killed Nefarian for a very exciting guild first!

Afterwards we gathered to goof off and hang his ugly head in Stormwind!

Congratulations everyone!  Bring on Ahn'Qiraj!
Chromaggus - DEAD! November 6th, 2005
Chromaggus is dead!  On to Nefarian!

Four Dragons & One Hoof-Footed Freak - DEAD! October 28th, 2005
Fun, fun, fun!  Enjoy the photos of our most recent BWL slayings, and if you look closely, you'll catch a glimpse of the deep intellectual conversation that goes on in officer chat.

Ebonroc & Flamegor - DEAD! October 22nd, 2005
Rarrrr!  Great work everyone!  What a blast it was seeing Ebonroc and Flamegor go down to SF for the first time.  They dropped some nice goodies too.  Congrats to Genkii, Kensuke, Planetalker, and Thelius on their well earned upgrades!

Firemaw - DEAD! October 19th, 2005
Short late night update, coming right up.  Day 2 of this reset: Broodlord and Firemaw down.  Firemaw was a guild first.  Great work everyone!!  Congrats to Aquemini, Cetine, Stkas, Thelius, and Vonoss on their new goodies!

Three Dead Dragons October 18th, 2005
It was Blackwing Lair reset day, but first we had some quick business to take care of.  We started the night with easy old Onyxia, and then headed to Blackrock Mountain.  Apparently Blizzard heard our complaint about excess Paladin loot... and replaced it all with Warlock loot.  We dropped Razorgore and Vaelastrasz again, and between the two of them they contributed four out of six items to our Succubus loving guild members.  Congrats Penultimate and Thay on your new evil goodies!  We also picked up a couple holy items for Cleras and Diamynd - congratulations you two, and kudos to everyone on a job well done!

What's with all the Pally love!? October 2nd, 2005
We killed a bunch of the usual suspects over the last few days, and they all dropped Paladin items.  Hakkar dropped Peacekeeper Gauntlets, Razorgore dropped Judgement Bindings, Vaelastrasz dropped TWO Judgement Belts and a Red Dragonscale Protector, Onyxia dropped TWO Judgement Crowns, Ragnaros dropped Judgement Legplates, and Broodlord dropped TWO Judgement Sabatons.  What's with all the Paladin love!?  It's just not right...