Onyxia - 26% March 31st, 2005
Nope... no April Fool's here.  We had a great turnout last night and put into play the strategy improvements we came up with after our previous runs.  We executed well, had a ton of fun, and dropped Onyxia to 26%!

It's back to Molten Core tonight, but you better believe we'll be discussing what we saw last night so we can learn from it and do even better next time!

Lucifron - DEAD (Again) March 25th, 2005
We dropped Lucifron again Friday, this time with fewer folks, and despite Blizzard's change to remove the line of sight check from his AEs.  Everyone did a wonderful job, and the kill went smoothly!  The second copy of Tranquil Shot will help a lot with Magmadar, who is going down soon.

Dimuyen - Choker of Enlightenment
Thinktink - Arcanist Bindings

Congrats you two, and a job well done by everyone!
Lucifron - DEAD March 22nd, 2005
This fight is definitely all about figuring out the right tactics.  Previously we've had wipes with 40 people... but we're not big fans of dying, so we planned and schemed and came back for more.  With a good plan and smooth execution we were able to drop Lucifron with just 35 people, and had only 5 deaths.

Great work everyone!

Congrats to Ryanosky on his new Pauldrons of Might!
Onyxia, Round 1: 66% !! March 5th, 2005
We did three runs at Onyxia today, and showed marked improvement in each round.  Our first run we got her to 97%.  We came right back, put what we'd learned to work, and dropped her to 75%.  We refined our strategy some more, and with only 29 people, dropped her to 66%.  We'll pick up some more keys for folks and be back, and do even better next time!
Many, Many, Many More Raids March 1st, 2005
Saturday and Sunday we had one Lower BRS raid, three Upper BRS raids, three Stratholme raids, and one Scholomance raid, and that was just two days.  We've been disenchanting a lot of drops for a while, and now we're even starting to disenchanting some class set BPs and legs.  We've hit it lucky with a few of the rarer drops though.  We picked up a Deathstriker, a couple Pristine Hides of the Beast, a couple more copies of Prayer of Fortitude II, and one copy of Mark of the Wild II.

We've taken a few runs at Molten Core and have had some decent success there... I gotta say - after the first couple easy pulls at the zone (Molten Giant pair and then an elemental or two), that pull that involves a Firelord and two Molten Giants at the same time is damn fun and challenging.  I know Blizzard said it's a bug that they all come together, but I kind of like it - makes for a fun break in!  Anything that sometimes takes more than one try is great to see after sweeping through UBRS over and over.  But then, after that pull, you're "into" the zone and it's not too hard to forge onward.  However, worrying about instance locking, how to get folks down to you after the BRD instance you cleared poofs, and having MC reset on you every time you leave and come back, is pretty tedious.  But I have a lot of faith in Blizzard.  They're sure taking their sweet time with it, but I think the next content patch will be a real winner!

The guild as a whole is making great progress.  We have over 50 level 60s now, almost 40 Onyxia's Lair Keys, and folks are getting better equipped by the day.  We just need to keep ourselves busy and having fun.  So, let's get back to work!  Guild members get in there and read the events Forum:
We're hitting Molten Core Thursday and Onyxia's Lair on Saturday!
(yeah, yeah, moving start time to 3:00pm EST so you West Coasters can sleep in a bit more :p)  It's time to keel!  See you all there!
Four Days, Nine More Raids February 3rd, 2005
What have we been up to you ask?  Well, for one thing, getting way too much loot for me to continue listing all the drops from our raids and posting stat pics.  For now at least I'll just provide a summary of our recent activities so that no one thinks we've been lazy or that I'm slacking off and not updating the news.  So, in short and sweet summary form, here's what we've accomplished recently:
Saturday we cleared Upper Blackrock Spire three times.
Sunday we raided Stratholme three times.
Monday we helped a bunch of guildmates catch up (Jailbreak, BRD quests, and earlier instances).
Tuesday we again helped folks catch up, and also cleared Stratholme once.
Wednesday we raided Stratholme two more times.
One Day, Four Raids January 28th, 2005
It was Friday night, it had been a long week, many of us had a drink in hand, and most of us didn't need to get up in the morning.  It was definitely a good time for some keeling!  As soon as we had two groups together we popped up to Stratholme and cleared the place, and then we headed down to Blackrock Mountain to join up with the rest that had logged on for three clearnings of UBRS.  More loot, more keys, and another bloody news update.  By the end of our third UBRS run our numbers had dropped, but we still cleared the place, dropped General Drakkasith, and then hung around for a minute so I could snap a quick picture.

Congrats to our favorite Loot Mongers!

From Stratholme:
Yang - Shadowcraft Spaulders, Yeti - Wyrmtongue Shoulders
Aethiel - Clutch of Foresight, Diamynd - Devout Pants
Maradona - Seal of Rivendare

From Blackrock Spire:
Halaster - Warmaster Legguards, Aethiel & Knuk - Lightforge Spaulders
Maradona - Frostweaver Cape, Ceny - Wildheart Vest
Yang, Yeti, & Kensuke - Painweaver Bands
Maradona - Briarwood Reed, Dustfeather Sash - Loxis
Sinark - Codex: Prayer of Fortitude II
Knuk & Aethiel - Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle
Montagne - Battleborn Armbraces, Kozmo - Lightforge Breastplate
Yang - Nightbrace Tunic, Loxis - Spiritshroud Leggings
Sinark - Finkle's Skinner, Sinark - Devout Robe

Stratholme & Blackrock Spire January 27th, 2005
We've been concentrating on Upper Blackrock Spire lately, but we didn't want the other instance mobs to feel neglected, so today we headed over to Stratholme to clear the place out, ending with a wacking of Baron Rivendare.  Afterwards we headed back to UBRS for yet another run through.  Yeah keys...

Congratulations to everyone that received goodies!

From Stratholme:
Vann - Wiley's Portable Howitzer, Sinark - Devout Gloves
Aethiel - Demonshear, Vonoss - Star of Mystaria
Thinktink - Selenium Ring of Intellect, Yeti - Serpentine Sash
Diamynd - Skul's Ghostly Touch, Ceny - Verdant Footpads
Ceny - Flamescarred Girdle, Aethiel - Crest of Retribution
Phanan - Drakesfire Epaulets, Ceny - Wildheart Kilt

From Blackrock Spire:
Ceny - Crystallized Girdle, Maradona - Flaming Band of the Owl
Vonoss - Dustfeather Sash, Ceny - Tribal War Feathers
Montagne - Spaulders of Valor, Kensuke - Eye of Rend
Trytiin - Shadowcraft Belt, Yang - Blackmist Armguards
Montagne - Seeping Willow, Maradona - Magister's Robe
Phanan - Draconian Deflector

Blackrock Spire January 26th, 2005

Ceny - Tressermane Leggings, Faynor - Devout Mantle
Thinktink - Glowstar Rod of Intellect, Ghostalker - Battleborn Armbraces
Halaster - Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge, Moskank - Bloodmoon Cloak
Kensuke - Blackmist Armguards, Maradona - Tooth of Gnarr
Yeti - Shadowcraft Tunic, Halaster - Holy War Sword of the Tiger
Slinky Dresses and Mr. Tonka Truck January 23rd, 2005
We spent more time in Blackrock Spire yesterday, including two clearings of Upper.  I don't want to bore everyone to death with more pics of The Beast, Rend, Gyth, and General Drakkisath, so none of that today.  Instead we have the guild horn dogs standing around Diamynd as she tries on her new robe, hoping that it shows at least as much skin as the previous one (they weren't disappointed), Diamynd away from the crowds posing so you can actually see the robe, and Phanan with his new shoulders.  In good light, those things are bright yellow, and therefore he is now known as Mr. Tonka Truck!

More good items for the guild (congrats everyone!):
Montagne - Doombringer, Montagne - Slamshot Shoulders
Diamynd - Devout Belt, Sollador - Blackcrow
Knuk - Skull of Gyth, Montagne - Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian
Ghostalker - Seeping Willow, Faynor - Spiritshroud Leggings
Diamynd - Devout Robe, Drakk - Draconian Deflector
Sollador - Emberfury Talisman, Yeti - Nightshade Spaulders of the Monkey
Yeti - Nightbrace Tunic, Moskank - Skull of Gyth
Vonpol - Spaulders of Valor, Thinktink - Spiritshroud Leggings
Drakk - Seeping Willow, Vonoss - Magister's Robes
Ghostalker - Draconian Deflector

And the loot shots, from now on only showing the items we used:
SF Performs UBRS Trifecto - News at 11! January 22nd, 2005
Not once, not twice, but three times today we cleared Upper Blackrock Spire and killed Rend, The Beast, and General Drakkisath.

Here's a good action photo of your favorite group of dragon slayers taking on Rend and his winged mount, Gyth:

And here we have me scoring a nice crit against General Drakkisath on one of our three runs, and a death shot from a different run:

Congrats to all those that received items!  I think I finally managed to keep a complete list for a change...  Notice that Finkle's Skinner finally dropped for us, so now we can start doing Malyfous's quests for some nice armor.
Kozmo - Hero's Buckler, Yang - Eye of Rend
Ghostalker - Warmaster Legguards, Sollador - Masterwork Boots of Agility
Loxis - Magister's Robe, Montagne - Draconian Deflector
Thinktink - Wildfire Cape, Kozmo - Battleborn Armbraces
Diamynd - Finkle's Skinner, Faynor - Frostweaver Cape
Beebee - Wildheart Vest, Vonpol - Draconian Deflector
Yang - Truestrike Shoulders, Vonpol - Skull of Gyth
Vonpol - Warmaster Legguards, Dimuyen - Spiritshroud Leggings
Phanan - Lightforge Spaulders, Vonoss - Magister's Bindings
Fyngol - Wildheart Vest, Kozmo - Draconian Deflector

Obligatory loot image:
More Blackrock Spire January 20th, 2005
Another day, another BRS raid.  We wacked stuff in Lower and Upper BRS yesterday, but I forgot to take kill shots in LBRS, so you guys will have to make do with what I have.

We killed:

We looted:

Congrats to all those that received loot!  Here's a partial list:
Trytiin - Eye of Rend
Vonpol - Battleworn Armbraces
Ghostalker - Bloodmoon Cloak
Loxis - Frostweaver Cape
Thinktink - Magister's Robes
Faynor - Tooth of Gnarr
SF Raids Upper Blackrock Spire January 16th & 17th, 2005
Lately Diamynd and I (Yeti for our new readers) have been rounding up the troops and leading them off to... Blackrock Spire!   A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone on a job well done, as our recent raids there have been very successful.  I foresee many more raids on UBRS in the near future as we continue to improve our equipment and gather keys to Onyxia's Lair.  Ahead full pharming speed!

We've been slaughtering The Beast:

Slaying Rend and his dragon steed Gyth:

And nailing General Drakkisath to collect his blood for Onyxia keys:

And of course, no news update is complete without some loot photos...
Congratulations to Kensuke and Vann on their new breastplates, and to everyone else that has partaken of the recent spoils of war!

Check out the parade that forms when Diamynd enters Stormwind in her latest skimpy outfit!  Oh, wait, nevermind.  This is us gathering for the Raid Quest in SW to expose Lady Katrana Prestor as a traitor and ... Onyxia herself!  So we marched through the streets escorting Sir Reginald Windsor, finally ending up in the throne room, where of course a fight broke out, so we whipped out the steel, fired up the nukes, and put some good for nothing scummy dragonkin in their place!

Today's news update is doubly complete because we have some funny pictures, mostly compliments of the twisted Dorf Knuk.  Yes, that's our guild mistress Diamynd chugging from a stein the size of her head, and then hard rocking as a skeleton.  Sigh.  But at least it beats Kensuke getting caught wearing a wedding dress!  Don't he and Vonnoss (in his tux) make a cute couple?  Knuk demonstrates the old saying "Discretion is the better part of valor," and finally (this one's going to get me in trouble... - read the chat), Dia gets caught dead as a frog!