Vashj fileted!  October 16th, 2007
You can't keep a good guild down! After redoubling our efforts Vashj felt the sharp end of a scaler and got herself turned into some lovely little fishburgers! Kael'thas is now the only thing standing between us and Tier 6 you'd better watch your back and sleep with a knife under your pillow Kael! Now, if only Vashj would drop my belt...

Oh, and to simulate what the raid actually looks like most of the time for our players, this is how *I* saw the kill
Astromancer Down!  August 11th, 2007
I wonder if High Astromancer Solarian was looking up at the stars last night and saw her death coming? Nah, she got burned back to the stone age! After a few minor strat tweaks she went down like a sack of bricks - I guess Kael and Vashj are running pretty scared now, stick around for more updates!

Al'Ar Extinguished!  August 11th, 2007
Someone call the fire department - we're burning through the bosses these days! After a few learning runs against him, last night Al'Ar the Phoenix god felt what it was like to have his flame put out for the last time and coughed up some goodies. Solarian, Vashj, and Kael had better watch their backs, they'll definitely be feeling the heat soon.

Round and Round  July 22nd, 2007
Vashj's time is definitely coming soon. We got on track after many learning runs and downed Leotheras The Blind Without breaking a sweat, meaning we're only four bosses away from Hyjal and Black Temple, but one step at a time: SSC just has one boss before being cleared. Cheers!

Hat Trick  June 22nd, 2007
We're three for three on new boss kills this week; Fathom-Lord Karathress went down on our first night of attempts making him our third new boss kill in as many days. At this rate, Leotheras has to be feeling the heat!

It's like dominoes, but they're bosses!  June 21st, 2007
We're definitely on a roll now, thanks Blizzard for removing the annoying trials from our way towards Void Reaver, who promptly fell over and dropped Tier 5 shoulders for Gaillum and Sterculius, and then tonight we squeezed back into SSC to clear Lurker again and drop Morogrim Tidewalker on our first try of the evening! At this rate the news is going to be packed with corpses for the forseeable future! Stick around for more dead baddies.

Lurker Down!  June 15th, 2007
Just a quick update before work, The Lurker Below has been exposed and killed for his fishy crimes against us.

Hydross Evaporated!  June 11th, 2007
Shadowed Fates has broken into Serpentshrine and demolished Hydross the Unstable! Keep watching for more updates as the easier bosses following should roll onto this page very shortly! (With little corpse shots and all kinds of shiny loot).

Magtheridon - Down!  June 5th, 2007
Magtheridon is dead!  Or as Knuk put it:

Gruul Dead!  March 24th, 2007
Gruul the Dragonkiller indeed, does that make us Dragonkillerkillers? Yes, that's right friends, Shadowed Fates has slain Gruul the Dragonkiller (And if you don't think the two-day version where he didn't hurtful strike was easier, ask your rogues how they feel about it!) and are now starting to really key people up for Serpentshrine Cavern! Watch out Nagas - we're gunning for you. Now I think there's a pit lord lying around somewhere waiting for us to kill him too, Hmm...

And what would an update be without a little Gnome love? Thanks Valorale for the impromptu Justin Timberlake concert!
Maulgar - mauled  February 24th, 2007
Howdy friends! It's been awhile since an update, what can we say, we've been too busy trucking away in Karazhan (managing four simultaneous raids isn't easy!) and only just finally found the time to take some shots at Maulgar. One and a half days later, he was crumpled on the floor and coughing up the loot! Congrats Sabelorin on his T4 shoulders, and Xilu on her Bladespire Warbands! We took the requisite shots at Gruul and all I can say is....ouch. Gonna be fun killing that bugger.
Love is in the air!  January 19th, 2007
Amidst the BC release frenzy, everyone is having a blast, but more importantly...Diamynd is pregnant! In about nine months we'll officially have our first SF baby! Huge congrats to you guys and this is the kind of thing that just shows how much of a family SF really is :) Now the question is:
Rogue or Priest?
*C'Thunk*  January 12th, 2007
After some months of flat out ignoring C'Thun and AQ progress in order to push ourselves in Naxx, we decided that pre-BC we really needed to head back through and clean up the remnants of AQT...Last week Ouro, This week C'Thun!

In one of our most satisfying boss kills ever we could see the improvements in each run until finally the big...eyeball..blobby..thing, broke open like a pinata and spilled out the loot! But, frankly, at this stage, much more than the loot it just felt absolutely amazing to prove what we were made of one more time before BC, and to take this momentum surging forward into places like Kharazan, Gruul's Lair, Tempest Keep, and beyond! It was awesome fun, with truly great work by all! Congrats on the well deserved kill!

Oh, and how did we celebrate? By blinding each other, of course :P

Ouro smushed!  January 5th, 2007
Well well, I wasn't expecting to have to update again until the expansion, but look what we've got here :) One big dead ugly worm! It's great to finally get the monkey that is AQT off of our backs, so hopefully C'Thun will shortly follow! In a time when many guilds are floundering, we're not only killing all of our old farm status bosses, but adding new ones to the repertoire! You guys rock!