A Couple Weeks, a Couple Nefarian Corpses December 31st, 2005
We've got a couple more Nefarian kills under our belt now as we wait for Ahn'Qiraj.  Good work everyone!
Nefarian - DEAD! December 8th, 2005
What a great effort by the whole guild!  Killing Nefarian was such a blast and I'm very proud of all of you (you're still a bunch of goofballs and Gnome lovers though).  After a few weeks of hard work and a lot of strat refinement, we had the Draconids down pat and we were able to get past them without a single death.

After a couple "training runs" during which we got the hang of phases two and three, we put it all together, had a nice smooth fight (oooh... action photo!)

and killed Nefarian for a very exciting guild first!

Afterwards we gathered to goof off and hang his ugly head in Stormwind!

Congratulations everyone!  Bring on Ahn'Qiraj!
Chromaggus - DEAD! November 6th, 2005
Chromaggus is dead!  On to Nefarian!

Four Dragons & One Hoof-Footed Freak - DEAD! October 28th, 2005
Fun, fun, fun!  Enjoy the photos of our most recent BWL slayings, and if you look closely, you'll catch a glimpse of the deep intellectual conversation that goes on in officer chat.

Ebonroc & Flamegor - DEAD! October 22nd, 2005
Rarrrr!  Great work everyone!  What a blast it was seeing Ebonroc and Flamegor go down to SF for the first time.  They dropped some nice goodies too.  Congrats to Genkii, Kensuke, Planetalker, and Thelius on their well earned upgrades!

Firemaw - DEAD! October 19th, 2005
Short late night update, coming right up.  Day 2 of this reset: Broodlord and Firemaw down.  Firemaw was a guild first.  Great work everyone!!  Congrats to Aquemini, Cetine, Stkas, Thelius, and Vonoss on their new goodies!

Three Dead Dragons October 18th, 2005
It was Blackwing Lair reset day, but first we had some quick business to take care of.  We started the night with easy old Onyxia, and then headed to Blackrock Mountain.  Apparently Blizzard heard our complaint about excess Paladin loot... and replaced it all with Warlock loot.  We dropped Razorgore and Vaelastrasz again, and between the two of them they contributed four out of six items to our Succubus loving guild members.  Congrats Penultimate and Thay on your new evil goodies!  We also picked up a couple holy items for Cleras and Diamynd - congratulations you two, and kudos to everyone on a job well done!

What's with all the Pally love!? October 2nd, 2005
We killed a bunch of the usual suspects over the last few days, and they all dropped Paladin items.  Hakkar dropped Peacekeeper Gauntlets, Razorgore dropped Judgement Bindings, Vaelastrasz dropped TWO Judgement Belts and a Red Dragonscale Protector, Onyxia dropped TWO Judgement Crowns, Ragnaros dropped Judgement Legplates, and Broodlord dropped TWO Judgement Sabatons.  What's with all the Paladin love!?  It's just not right...

Broodlord - DEAD September 24th, 2005
Broodlord is dead!  Congrats everyone on taking another step towards BWL domination!

Firemaw is something of a pain in the butt.  Things were looking so good: position him just right, deal with Shadow Flame on the MT, drop him smoothly to about 40%, then watch as, for no apparent reason, he decides to path out to the middle of the room and then back to the MT after a knockback.  Great pathing - thanks Blizzard!  Of course he Shadow Flamed a bunch of us at that point and things fell apart, but he'll die soon!

Vaelastrasz - DEAD September 10th, 2005
Holy improved strategy!  After a few improvements we dropped Vaelastrasz with surprising ease and had over 40 seconds left on the buff.  Great work everyone!!  Now on to Broodlord!

Vaelastrasz - Two Percent! September 6th, 2005
I think we've got this guy just about figured out.  Unfortunately he despawned on us after we got him to 2%, so we'll have to come back tomorrow to finish him off.  Oh yeah, and since our last update (the kill counter is now a bit out of date) we've had another MC clear, another Ragnaros slaying, another Onyxia kill, and we showed that our Razorgore strategy is quite solid by dropping him again with minimal effort.  He's definitely on farm status now.  Go guild go!!  Keep up the good work folks!

42 More Epic Bosses - DEAD August 31st, 2005
The kill counter has been updated with 42 more epic boss mob kills, including 4 more Ragnaros kills and another Razorgore kill.  The SF train keeps a rollin'!  Great work everyone!

Razorgore - DEAD August 9th, 2005
It took a lot of deaths to figure this one out, but we have finally put the finishing touches on our Garrison encounter strategy and have dropped Razorgore the Untamed.

Congratulations to everyone on the great work they've been doing lately.  Over the last couple weeks we've killed 31 more epic bosses, including our 4th and 5th Ragnaros kills.
Ragnaros DEAD Again! July 24th, 2005
It took us a while to get back to our Ragnaros killing ways after they toughened him up, but we've got him figured out again, and he's been forced to fork over the Paladin loving loots!

Another Epic Completed! July 17th, 2005
Congrats to Auranola, on completing his Hunter epic!

SF's First Epic Quest Completion! June 21st, 2005
Majordomo finally stopped being stingy and coughed up an Eye of Divinity!  Congrats to Grz, and a great job by him and everyone that helped in getting the quest completed so quickly!

Killed a Bunch and Awaiting BWL June 19th, 2005
The next patch is finally going to add some new raid content.  In the mean time, we've been killing the same mobs over and over again.  We've killed 15 more boss mobs and added 43 more epics to our guild arsenal.  Everyone has been doing a great job, but we're really itching for something new.  Bring on Blackwing's Lair!
Ragnaros Dead Again, and Much More! June 5th, 2005
What a great weekend!  Friday night we killed all eight of the regular Molten Core bosses in about seven hours.  Saturday we killed Onyxia, then Majordomo, and finally Ragnaros again!  We were worried that we'd have nothing to do for the rest of the week, but then on Sunday Azuregos reared his ugly head, and we killed him too!

RAGNAROS - DEAD! June 1st, 2005
Shadowed Fates has slain Ragnaros!

A huge congratulations to everyone on a job very well done.  We worked hard for this victory, sacrificing life and limb many a time.  We invested hours of effort, paid a pretty penny in repair bills, and got really tired of killing Majordomo over and over.  But, in the end, it all paid off!  This is an Alliance second on Medivh, and a shining moment in the multi-year history of Shadowed Fates.  Now let's keep at it so we're ready and raring to go when Blackwing's Lair is released!