Aquemini doesn't look very happy in this photo, but for some reason he looks much happier in this one.

Behold: the mighty Guild Mistress!  Obey Diamynd, or you'll find yourself in Time Out with Phanan.  Oh, and don't be picking on the Pats or we'll have to resurrect the Dog House - she's a big fan!

Nice pose Giantor, but it's time to stop posing with that beer and drink it!

Ummm, Halaster, when we said to dress to kill, we meant dragons, not the ladies!

The old picture of yourself in the mirror trick works for Kiroska as he shows off his nicely shaven dome.

First we see Knuk guarding his door, then in a more relaxed pose, hanging out on the couch with Surrina / Pollyester.  Finally, for his biggest fans, we have offer an intimate closeup.

Since so many of us live this life in one way or another, Milton has earned the position of honorary guild member.

It turns out that Phanan is not just too quiet, but also too fuzzy.

I can understand how Sollador took his own picture.  What I can't figure out is why his eyebrows looks surprised by what his right arm is doing.

Pizza plus Bob equals Pizza Bob, errr... Yang!

Yang raises his glass in a toast to Gnome sacrifices.

Earlier this year the ellusive Yeti was caught on film enjoying a perfect pint in Ireland,  More recently Dia ambushed me while I was at my computer.

Zeddy only shows up sometimes due to his wacky Norwegian schedule, but we still have this picture to remember him by.